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Hi, I'm Chris, Welcome to Paint Parties and More by Chris!

I am an artist that loves painting, DIY projects, and teaching others how to take time for creativity in their lives. Having been in the childcare industry for 13+ years, Now I have the pleasure of teaching in a different manner.

Paint Parties and More by Chris is a mobile paint party service that brings the art studio to you!

Fun for all ages & occasions - No Experience Necessary!

I teach step-by-step paintings, in-person, online, and DIY Paint Kits.

I also offer murals and window painting services for those that want to add hand-painted artwork to their decor or attract more foot traffic for their business.

Holiday Greetings


Our mission, at Paint Parties and More by Chris, is to provide a unique & fun painting party experience to all customers - helping to create a memorable experience while inspiring their inner artists.  

As a mobile paint party, I bring the art studio to your PRIVATE event - transforming any normal space into a creative art studio! I will help set up a fun & relaxing atmosphere in an effort to help you create your very own work of art - I also provide step-by-step instructions and all materials necessary to get those creative juices flowing!

Painting Equipments


The vision of Paint Parties and More by Chris is to become 

a social painting event company that continues to spread

the love, joy, and interactive nature of painting to the masses.  

I believe painting is a universal art form that all humans should experience and my purpose is to help create those experiences for as many people as possible.  Through painting socially, guests are able to catch up with friends, meet new people, and create "in the moment" all at the same time.  

I encourage guests to experiment, go outside of their

comfort zone, and try new things so they grow and have the ultimate transformative experience.  

As the landscape of social painting evolves, I plan to excel as the social painting event company in the industry that continues to bring quality creative experiences to everyone.

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